Friday, May 22, 2009

Richard Bannister 'Gentleman's Relish'

Richard Joel Bannister's current work explores the figure. In drawings and paintings of the self, the images render the reading of internal and external conflicts. The work focuses primarily on introverted sensations depicting identity, self respect and sexuality: the relationship between the subconscious and the corporeal, between the subconscious and the environment. Compositional concerns and the visualisation of internal and external boundaries are crucial. There is a strong reflection of melancholy evident in the direction of his enquiry, expressing emotion through mark making and the application of paint.

Show runs from 1st September - 29th September.
Preview Night: Thursday 3rd September, 6-8pm.
Artist Talk: 12th September, 1pm FREE!!

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  1. I wish to know whether this artist comes from Manchester,UK. If he does, I wish him all the best ever. He has become a great artist