Friday, June 19, 2009

We're Here, We Knit, Get Used To It!!

Thanks to everyone who 'came out' in support of Worldwide Knitting in Public Day, it was loads of fun.

We had conceptual art courtesy of Steph Hurst and Mark Illott: 'Yarn Winding' where a continuous length of yarn was wrapped around the PAD building at various points throughout the day. Catriona Stamp gave a talk on the art of bookmaking that a lot of people attended. We had traditional crafts in the form of Rag Rug making and, of course, hordes of proud public knitters.

If any of you listen to Preston FM you might have caught us on Anji & Bob's show, also the Lancashire Evening Post covered the event, you can read about it here:

While we are on this theme, I recomend everyone to take a look at New York based hip-hop guerilla knitting collective Knitta Please: and be inspired!

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